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Hoodoo Magic Course Outline
Week 1 
 Brief Look  Into the History of Hoodoo In America
 Harry Middleton Hyatt & His Impact On Hoodoo Today
 Ethics & The Law of Karma In Hoodoo
 The Key To A Powerful Rootworker
 About Spiritual Cleansing Work (Self)
Week 2 
 Prayers Used in Spiritual Cleansing Work
 Tools Used in Hoodoo Cleansings
Most Common Herbs Used In Hoodoo
The Art of Hoodoo Bathing
Bath Formulas for uncrossing, money, and love work
Week 3
Foot Washing 
Dressing the body for luck & Protection
About Spiritual Cleansing Work (Home & Business)
Removing negative energy, problems, and evil spirits (Home & Business)
Formulas to bless, attract money, love or uncross (Home & Business)
About Protection Work 
Best Herbs Used In Protection Work
How to Make a Hoodoo Protection Doll
Week 4 
Personal Concerns & How To Use Them
The Use of Blood & Urine (Warnings you should know)
How to Bury Items Used in Hoodoo
Clean Up After Hoodoo Work
Name Papers
Choosing Your Candles
Cleansing Candles
Dressing & Fixing Candles
Oil Lamps & How to Fix them
Most Common Oils &  Their Uses
How to create your own oils & powders
List of Most Helpful Saints (Saint Expedite, Saint Martha, San Cipriano, and more...)
Working With Saints & Setting Up Your Altar
Maintenance & Proper Care of A Saint Altar
Working Novenas
Week 5
Colors Used in Hoodoo
Making A Mojo Bag ,GRIS GRIS, & Conjure Hands (This is strictly from Mrs. Ruby’s Line)
Keeping It Strong & Working
How To Properly Lay To Rest A Worn Out Mojo Bag
A Few Mojo Bag Formulas
About Jar Spells
Jar Spell Formulas
About Honey Jars
Working The Honey Jar To Speed Results
Week 6 
Tips and Tricks: Working with Saints to work faster for you
How to work Powerful spells regardless to the phase of the moon
Using the Days of the Week in your rootwork
Working with Psalms and words of Power
Hoodoo Love Magic ( what you should know to hold on to your man/woman)
 Hoodoo Love Altars
Spell to Find a Husband or Wife
General Love Spells
Return Love Spells
Passion Spells (seduction)
 Hoodoo Money Magic ( how to pull in the big bucks)
 Hoodoo Money Altars
General Money Spells
Gambling Spells
 How to Work The Rose Of Jericho for Money or Protection
Graveyard Work
How to Interview clients that may need your help