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 How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend - 4 Fundamental Rules

By John LaHooch | Submitted On January 06, 2009

The decision to break off a relationship is heart wrenching and difficult. Once the decision is made, you will need to decide how to break up with your boyfriend. Before you do anything, carefully consider your feelings and the feelings of your boyfriend. This article will reveal 4 important rules that need to be followed for a break up to be as painless as possible.

1) Let Your Feelings Be Known

When you first encounter the feelings that seem to point to an impending break-up, let your boyfriend know what those feelings are. Communication is the key to a relatively smooth break-up. Communicate your feelings in a calm and composed fashion. You may want to suggest a time apart, however, in a high percentage of cases, getting it over with is your best move. It is possible that friends and family members will give advice on how to break up with your boyfriend. Politely listen, however in the end, it will be your decision on how to break up with your boyfriend. Select a quiet place to give the news to your boyfriend, which brings us to our 2nd rule....

2) ALWAYS Perform The Break Up In Person

The only two exceptions to this rule would be in the case of an abusive boyfriend, or when great distances are involved. Some individuals send letters, or even emails, to their boyfriends to give them the news. DON"T do it! It is a matter of courtesy and respect to deliver the news in person. The telephone is a little more personal, however, face to face is the way to go.

3) Cease Communications

VERY important. Barring a legitimate emergency, cease all forms of communications with your former boyfriend. You will be tempted in many cases, because the chances are he will make numerous attempts to get in touch with you. Resist the temptation, it will only prolong the misery for both of you. By now you probably realize that you can't go to school to learn how to break up with your boyfriend, you must learn as you go along!

4) Don't Go Back

In many cases, this is probably the hardest rule to follow. But the reality is that you gave careful thought to how to break up with your boyfriend. It probably did not occur overnight. Move on with your life, seek new interests. Go back to hobbies and friends that may have been ignored during the time you were with your ex boyfriend.

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