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 How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend - 4 Factors For Better Breakups

By T Dub Jackson | Submitted On August 02, 2009

When the time comes and you are wondering how to break up with your boyfriend there are a few things you need to make sure you do before you break up with him and during the break up process. Before you risk breaking someone's heart you need to seriously examine the relationship and be sure there is no hope for saving it. Failing to do this can cause a great deal of unnecessary pain for you both.

If you are ready and know without a doubt that it is best to learn how to break up with your boyfriend than to try and work things out you will want to keep these four things in mind when you do break up with him.

1) Be honest. There is a reason people are always telling you that honesty is the best policy. That doesn't mean that you should be hurtful, spiteful, or vindictive. It does mean that you should give the honest reason, without malice, that you are ending the relationship. Perhaps the truth can help you both in relationships in the future. The hardest part about this particular step though is being honest with yourself about the reason for the break up. If you do not really know, then perhaps you should spend more time worrying about why and less time trying to figure out how to break up with your boyfriend.

2) Make a clean break. Don't waffle or go back and forth. If you've decided it's time to move on then you need to commit to that before you tell him you want to break up. Clean breaks are best for you both and they are easier on the heart in the end.

3) Avoid false excuses or explanations. First of all, it's weak. You need to own the real reasons you are ending things and you need to own your role in ending the relationship. Whatever you do, don't try to force him to break up with you. Take control of the situation if you are ready to move on and be the one to call it quits.

4) Don't encourage false hope. If you are fairly certain that any love you had for him is gone there is no point in giving him hope for a reconciliation in the future. If you aren't sure then you might want to hold off on your efforts to learn how to break up with your boyfriend to begin with.

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