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Texas Hoodoo2 Free Hoodoo Spells

by Jack Daniel Morris

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Free hoodoo spells are all over the internet. All you need to do, in order to gain access to free hoodoo spells, is to look carefully and your wish will be granted! Hoodoo is an ancient form of African-American folk magic. It has its roots in many cultures and is a mix of many traditions, which is probably why it is such a powerful form of magic.

Here are two hoodoo spells which are designed to give you a demo of just how powerful this form of magic is.

Spell #1

If you want to find a job, this one's for you! But be warned, it's not something which will yield results fast! It is an elaborate process. On a large candle, write everything that you feel is an obstruction for you to get the job you desire. At the same time, take a sheet of paper and write down the very same things on it. Then, cover the black candle with any banishing oil such as Begone.

Now, burn the prepared candle every night, over a period of nine consecutive nights at midnight or nine PM, whichever time is more convenient. Do stick to one time. And while you burn it, visualize all that you perceive to be an obstruction to your success. On the ninth and final night, burn the sheet of paper too.

Try and achieve a degree of burning before the ninth night, such that only about an hour's worth of candle burning is left over.

After this, at 10 PM, light another candle - this time, a green glass one and dress this one with money drawings. Before this, envision all the details of the job you desire. The position, the stipend, the working hours, the location and even the perks.

Yup! That specific! And put these thoughts down on a second sheet of paper. Burn this green candle for four nights in a row while visualizing your job. On the last night, burn the parchment too.

The next night, burn another candle - a yellow one, a way of thanks. Any color which is significant to your favorite goddess will also do. Orange or white colored candles work well too. Time this spell such that the burning of the black candle ends on the night before the New Moon and the burning of the green candle starts on the New Moon night.

Spell #2

A second free hoodo spell, albeit a much simpler one is to divert the dangers of "the evil eye". This is common among Jews, who spit thrice or say "peh-peh-peh", when they feel the presence or feel threatened by the evil eye. They may also say "kein ayin hara" which literally means "no evil eye". Along with this a hand gesture which involves placing the right thumb in the left palm and the left thumb in the right palm and closing fingers over the thumbs is also performed!

Free hoodoo spells are quite powerful, try it and be surprised!

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